January 18th:

*****Signup Deadline 4:30pm 2/14/20*****

We will be having a FREE shuttle pick up at Alewife and Riverside MBTA stations. If you would like to sign up for one of the shuttles, please fill out the survey below.

Here is a list of times the shuttle will be LEAVING the station:

6:30pm - Alewife

6:55pm - Riverside

7:30pm - Alewife

7:55pm - Riverside

8:30pm - Alewife

8:55pm - Riverside

There will also be one shuttle going back to the stations leaving Balera by 11:30pm to get to Riverside by 11:40pm and Alewife by 12:00pm. 

Having a problem filling out the form? Try the direct link here

Pickup Locations:

Alewife Meeting Location: Circled benches at Steel Pl, Cambridge, MA 02140

Riverside Meeting Location: Circled parking area