Health Policy


Due to COVID-19 all dances in the near future will be vaccine required, and masked required. Vaccine record must be shown before entry, and mask must cover nose and mouth at all times inside the building.

COVID Vaccine Required
Every person who comes to out events must be Fully Vaccinated.

Vaccine Record Card Required
Everyone must have gotten their final vaccine shot at least 2 weeks prior to any dance they wish to attend, and present proof of vaccination.

Photo ID Required
A photo ID will also be required to accompany the COVID Vaccinate Record Card. The names on the ID and the record must match.

Mask Required
Masks will be required for the duration of the dance. Masks must be secure and cover nose and mouth at the same time while dancing. This includes if you are dancing or sitting out talking. You are welcome to exit the building if you wish to get some fresh air.

Testing Recommendation

We will not be requiring negative COVID tests prior to our events, however we strongly recommend everyone get tested on a regular basis. A negative test within 2-3 days of our events would be very appreciated by all those who are able. We ask if you have been possibly or probably exposed to COVID, or you have engaged in "higher risk" activities you get tested before coming to our events (but at least 3-5 days after exposure). And of course please do not come to any event (ours or otherwise) if you have tested positive until you have been cleared by a medical professional. Unfortunately there is minimal research and guidance by the CDC on vaccinated individuals and procedures after being exposed to COVID. Therefore we are making our best educated guesses in this scenario.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!